Soul Improv = the human capacity to respond to the spiritual, ethical and religious challenges of postmodern life with the creativity, flexibility, and improvisational skills and sensitivities of a jazz or blues musician, actor or stand-up comedian.

Antonyms:  Soul Stagnation, Spiritual Tone Deafness, the Dead Faith of the Living.

Mark Markuly, who has learned from life that you need to make it up as you go along, is in his ninth professional career.   He has worked in telecommunications and food service (as a waiter, bartender, and supervisor), as a newspaper reporter and editor, an AFL-CIO carpenter and commercial construction company owner, a seminarian working predominantly in inner city neighborhoods, a state university campus minister, a religious educator and regional educational administrator, a university professor and director of an international distance education program, and now serves as the dean of Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry.  Markuly has been robbed at gun point, burglarized five times, hitchhiked through communist countries, and had a front row seat in the worst engineering disaster in American history — Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of the city of New Orleans.  He has degrees in journalism, systematic and pastoral theology, and education.  His areas of expertise are in religion and culture, religious education, and the application of the learning theories for the brain and mind to the most important lessons in life, what it means to be a human being and how to live a life with meaning and purpose.   He is married, has a step-daughter, and over the years, despite misfortune, has acquired a mandolin and a bunch of guitars.

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